Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Butterfly Dream: Peak Haiku by Agnes Eva Savich

English Original

cloudless sky
reaching the peak
I notice another

Roadrunner, 6:1, February 2006

Agnes Eva Savich

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

Agnes Eva Savich has been writing haiku since 2003. She was a featured Southwestern haijin in Roadrunner in 2006. She has published a collection of early poetry, titled The Watcher: Poems (Cedar Leaf Press, 2009) and hopes to work on her first haiku book soon. She now lives in Austin, TX.


  1. L1 successfully sets the scene for the poem while Ls 2&3 are infused with aphoristic insight. On the second reading, "cloudless sky" and "peak" carry symbolic significance.

    This insightful haiku reminds me of the following Chinese saying:

    "One mountain is higher than another mountain

    This may sometimes be viewed as a discouraging saying – you think you are good, but there’s always somebody else who’s better. Also it may be that one should be humble enough to realise that even though you may be good, you can never assume that you are the best – there’s bound to be another person who can out-do you!"

  2. Wonderful poet.
    I've seen her work on LHA, Living Haiku Anthology.
    Thanks for the explication, Chen-ou.
    Jan in Texas

  3. Thank you! I remember the exact feeling of reaching the peak I'd been working towards since early morning: feeling proud and so big like maybe I conquered something... Only to discover this one was just a precursor to another peak reachable by a path many hours beyond what I had left of daylight, and furthermore just one peak among many. I love that there is a Chinese saying for this. Not just grass is greener syndrome, but also the idea that there are always bigger goals ahead!