Friday, January 25, 2013

Butterfly Dream: Train Tunnel Haiku by Beverley George

English Original

train tunnel --
the sudden intimacy
of mirrored faces

Best of Issue Haiku, Presence, #22, 2004

Beverley George

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

火車隧道 --

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

火车隧道 --

Bio Sketch

Beverley George is the past editor of Yellow Moon and the founder/editor of Eucalypt: a tanka journal 2006 - . In September 2009 she convened the 4th Haiku Pacific Rim Conference, in Terrigal, Australia. Beverley presented papers on haiku in Australia at the 3rd Haiku Pacific Rim conference in Matsuyama, Japan in 2007, and on Australian tanka at the 6th International Tanka Festival, Tokyo 2009. She was the president of the Australian Haiku Society 2006-2010.


  1. Read in the context of train travel, the main cause of "the sudden intimacy/ of mirrored faces" could be a jolt of the train.

    Beverley's masterful choice of "tunnel" (that could imply the connotations of "tunnel vision"), "intimacy," and "mirrored faces" (not physical bodies) challenges the reader to re-envision a new possibility of human encounters/interactions in urban life.

    Her haiku jolts the memories of my train trips (pun intended)

  2. Backstory from Beverley:

    "I still remember my own haiku when i go into a very long tunnel near our home and immediately the faces of strangers I have hardly noticed, loom large,reflected in the window glass. I often see small children, surprised by this too!"