Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Butterfly Dream: Spring Fever Haiku by Saša Važić

English Original

spring fever ...
the cherry tree blooming

Sakura Award, 2013 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival Haiku Invitational

Saša Važić

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

春熱 ...

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

春热 ...

Bio Sketch

Saša Važić is a freelance journalist, astrologer, translator, writer of prose and poetry, essays, and book reviews. Member of the Literary Translators of Serbia, Co-Owner, Co-Publisher and Co-Editor of Simply Haiku, Editor of bilingual Haiku Reality, member of the editorial board of Haiku Novine (Niš, Serbia), International Editor for moonset (Oregon, USA). Her haiku have been translated into 18 languages and included in numerous haiku magazines and anthologies. To date, she has received 51 awards in the haiku contests, both nationally and internationally. She authored an e-book entitled muddy shoes candy heart, and translated 35 books of haiku poetry by Serbian and international authors into English. She also translated David G Lanoue’s novels, Haiku Guy and Laughing Buddha, into Serbian.

1 comment:

  1. The shift (from the bodily to the scenic; from the mental to the natural) is psychologically effective.

    The emotionally suggestive power of Ls 2&3 is indicated by L1, spring fever -- ' a feeling of restlessness, excitement, or laziness brought on by the coming of spring.'