Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Butterfly Dream: Call for Haiku Submissions

Send your best published haiku (please provide publication credits) or new work and a bio sketch (50 words max.) with the subject heading "Published or Unpublished Haiku, Your Name, Submitted Date" to Chen-ou Liu, Blog Editor and Translator via email at neverendingstory_haiku(at)  And place your haiku directly in the body of the email. DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS.

No more than 20 haiku per submission and no simultaneous submissions. And please wait for at least three months for another new submission. Deadline: December 1, 2014.

Please note that only those whose haiku are selected for publication will be notified within three weeks, and that no other notification will be sent out, so your works are automatically freed up after three weeks to submit elsewhere.

The accepted haiku will be translated into Chinese and posted on NeverEnding Story and Twitter (You are welcome to follow me on NeverEnding Story, or on Twitter at @storyhaikutanka or @ericcoliu). Of them, the best 66 haiku will be included in the anthology, which is scheduled to be published in June of 2015, and  the poet whose haiku is chosen as the best haiku of the year will be given a 3-page space to feature the haiku of his/her choice. For those whose haiku are included in the anthology, each  will receive a copy of its e-book edition.

A haiku is an imaginative lotus pond with the real frog in it. -- Chen-ou Liu


  1. Can I submit Tanka and Haiku in separate submissions, at the same time?

  2. Hi! Melanie Dunbar:

    Yes. Look forward to reading your work.

    Chen-ou Liu

  3. Hi Chen,

    Has the deadline been extended? I remember having read it as November 1st earlier. Just wanted to check with you and make sure. :)


  4. Shloka:

    Yes. I have extended the haiku submission deadline for Butterfly Dream Anthology, Volume Two.

    Thanks for asking.