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Hot News: 66 Tanka Selected for 2013 One Man's Maple Moon Anthology

Poetry is a new experience every time. Every time I read a poem, the experience happens to occur  -- Jorge Luis Borges, "This Craft of Verse"

My Dear Fellow Poets and Readers:

I'm pleased to announce the following 66 tanka selected for One Man's Maple Moon, 2013: Selected English-Chinese Bilingual Tanka. The anthology is scheduled to be published in July. Each poet whose tanka is/are included in the anthology will receive a copy of  its e-book edition.

 Please post to all appropriate venues. Your time and help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your support of my project. And look forward to reading your new work (see 2014 anthology submission guidelines)


Note: The 2013 One Man's Maple Moon Prize winner will be announced later.

Updated, October 5:

Cool Announcement : In the Company of Good Poems

Updated, November:

I am pleased to announce that One Man's Maple Moon: 66 Selected English-Chinese Bilingual Tanka, Volume One 2014 is now available online for your reading pleasure.

For more information about this good news, see Hot News:One Man's Maple Moon Volume One 2014 

Selected Tanka:

no abacus
for the task
where the mists part
I begin counting stars

Excellent Tanka, 7th International Tanka Festival Competition, 2012

Brian Zimmer

on the edge
of the birdbath
a mudlark
sinks into his reflection
i turn into my shadow

Atlas Poetica, 14, Spring 2013

Marilyn Humbert

as always,
the echoless flight
of owls...
slicing what’s left
of sanity

Selected Tanka, Gusts, 15, Spring/Summer 2012

Robert D. Wilson

back and forth
a dredger in the harbor
clears the clogged channel
my sister's confession:
he hits her

Atlas Poetica, Spring 2012

Neal Whitman

I still remember
the way he called
my name
but don't remember now
the way he betrayed me

Selected Tanka, Gusts, 8, Fall/Winter 2008

Kozue Uzawa

not sure
the man at the door
is Death
until he pulls out
the bible

Presence, 47, December 2012

LeRoy Gorman

a river view
between the vee of trees
smaller each year;
what I could have seen
in an earlier life

Simply Haiku, 6:1, Spring 2008

Adelaide B. Shaw

a lightning strike
splits our old apple tree --
I never dreamed
the death that parted us
would not be one of ours

First Place, 2006 TSA International Tanka Contest

Beverley George

rip-tide --
slowly I return
an occupied shell
to the surging sea
between us

Second Place, 2005 TSA International Tanka Contest

Beverley George

you say you know me
better than I know myself ...
still waters
the willow bends
to touch the sky

Multiverses, 1:1, 2012

Claire Everett

after the journey
there’s always the laundry --
the rattle
of a foreign coin
in the tumble dryer                                 

Ribbons, 5.3, Fall 2009, Tanka Café

Bob Lucky

the way it looks
like a dragon fallen
from the sky,
this uprooted tree
alone on the moor

Presence, 31, 2007

Michael McClintock

seeks the center
of every tree and rock,
that thing we hold closest --
the end of songs

Letters in Time: Sixty Short Poems, 2005

Michael McClintock

old memories
like tangled fish hooks
to pick up only one
without all the others

First Place, 2008 Tanka Society of America  International Contest


driving away
from the ancestral home
this thought . . .
tomorrow the early sun
will slant into my empty room

Eucalypt, 10, 2011

Sonam Chhoki

offering chrysanthemums
to the Buddha...
the only sacrifice
i ever made
was letting you go

First Place, Kokako Tanka Contest  2007

Pamela A. Babusci

the intense white
of chrysanthemums
while making love
i become
a thousand petals

Ribbons,  5:3,  Fall 2009

Pamela A. Babusci

he tells me
why the character for "spring"
is upside down
still the snowflakes
drift between us

GUSTS, 15, Spring/Summer 2012

Christina Nguyen

January gale
another roof slate   
cracks off --
I can't stand it
that you're gone

American Tanka, 18, 2009

J. Zimmerman

the crackle and pop
of my breakfast cereal --
more news
about car bomb blasts
somewhere else in the world

Wisteria, July 2006

Janet Lynn Davis

a stone
next to a frozen pond
I long to skip
to another time
another place

tinywords, 9:1, March 2010

Don Miller

as a child
I thought I'd never grow up
now it seems
I've wandered forever
in this redwood forest                                   

The Tanka Journal, 39, 2011

Peggy Heinrich

under a half moon
and the gaze of Orion
the night’s hunters:
owls, rabbits, deer mice
unaware of satellites

Scifaikuest, August 2011

Pat Tompkins

every room a different sound
soccer, hip hop
non-stop washing machine...
the guy downstairs
playing Chopin

Little Purple Universes

Helen Buckingham

believe as you look
deeper, deeper, and yet deeper
into my eyes
your (love) history does
not matter to me

NeverEnding Story, April 4, 2013

Ernesto P. Santiago

about which dress to wear
I remember Dad
whistling as he buttoned
his only suit

red lights, 9:1, Jan. 2013

Joyce S. Greene

lying awake
on the night of a storm
even when I close my eyes
especially when I close my eyes
I see snow  

Chrysalis, 1:1, 2007

Barry George

on the morning
of her death, I sit
for the small differences
between these wild finches

Simply Haiku, 10:1, Spring/Summer 2012

Kirsten Cliff

with my friend at dusk
the diagnosis
and the unrelenting rain
Moonbathing, Winter 2010

Beverly Acuff Momoi

in the nursing home
    ever smaller
         the circles he walks
         the circles of his thoughts

Tanka Splendor, 2006

Irene Golas

I rest my paddle
let the canoe drift awhile
rocks     trees     sky
the lake and I
are an empty mirror

terra north/nord, 3, Summer 2011

Irene Golas

her sister’s hair
after the rape
so many
long dark strands

Honorable Mention, 2012 Tanka Society of America International Contest

Jenny Ward Angyal

I lay your sad ghost
in the west room
of my heart ...
the mockingbird sings
what he doesn’t know

Second Place, 2013 Tanka Society of America International Contest

Jenny Ward Angyal

the self
I’ve clung to
all these years
on water

Skylark, 1:1, summer 2013

Jenny Ward Angyal

the question I couldn’t ask
the answer you wouldn’t give
walking in snowlight
somehow we find
the way home     

Ribbons, 2008

Sylvia Forges-Ryan

autumn afternoon
we keep our distance
in dappled light
talking about the life
we haven’t shared   

Honorable Mention, SFIT, Mariposa 2008

Sylvia Forges-Ryan

in twilight
by the beach fire
I shiver
thinking of the last time
you turned to wave goodbye

3rd place, 2010 Tanka Society of America Contest

Susan Constable

a large bruise
deep inside the mango
the way you turned away
when I needed you most

Simply Haiku, 8:3, Autumn 2011

Susan Constable

as a child
she found it difficult
to say goodbye
now bone-thin hands
clutch the blanket's edge

Honorable Mention, TSA Contest, 2013

Susan Constable

to say goodbye…
a fraction
of me touching you
in secret places

Breath and Shadows

Sergio Ortiz

halving fruit
my second husband's
way of love --
hard to change habits
so late in life

2nd Place, 2000 Tanka Society of America International Tanka Contest

Amelia Fielden

my ex-husband
calls his new child the name
we had chosen
for our son,whose heart
stopped in my womb

Eucalypt, 14, 2013
Amelia Fielden

looking at
the family album
my daughter says hello
to herself and the girl
I used to be

NeverEnding Story, July 13, 2013

Diana Teneva

young summer
at nine years old
foreign fingers
tracing my sister's
before-woman curves

NeverEnding Story, November 21, 2014


now Muslims
and immigrants but
-- the same white faces
-- the same white words
they used to point at me

NeverEnding Story, August 19, 2013

M. Kei

new moon or full moon
the tides are fullest
why is there no tide
that pulls him to me
this autumn night?

NeverEnding Story, January 8, 2014

M. Kei

Mailing packages
to the one who won't be home
a fragrance of pine
all the way to the post office
I weigh his absence

Featured Tanka Poet, Moonset, Autumn/Winter 2007

Carol Purington

The staccato of fireworks
from the neighbor's field
      we sit in coolness
             emerging stars punctuate
             the words we haven't said

June 2003 Poem of the Month, Christian Science Monitor Online

Carol Purington

for too long
I ask a fly
to fly silently

NeverEnding Story, September 13, 2013

Johannes S. H. Bjerg

this night too
a red rose's fragrance
seducing the Moon
my thoughts rush toward you
in the dying dream

25 Croatian Tanka Poets, Atlas Poetica

Djurdja Vukelic Rozic

her face blurs
into a dozen others ...
I tighten my grip
around all that remains
of what was

A Hundred Gourds, 2:2, March 2013

S.M. Abeles

that Li Po, drunk,
leaned over the boat’s side
to embrace the moon
and drowned . . . ?
sure, I believe it

Red Lights, 3:1, January 2007

Larry Kimmel

I've come again
to this oak-gripped bank,
who knows why?—
recalling our last time here,
I watch a red leaf drift out of sight

American Tanka, 8, Spring 2000

Larry Kimmel

with my child
on my shoulder,
i walk in the rain
carrying the weight
of shattered dreams

Tinywords, 13:2, 2013

Ramesh Anand

on father's coffin
the cowboy hat and polished boots
of a prairie Gael
the skirling pipes
that sing him home

Skylark, 2, Winter 2013

Debbie Strange

the way her hand
rests on his palm like
moon on water
mirrors words of love
never spoken

Moonbathing, 8, June 2013

Alegria Imperial

after the earthquake --
the arch bridge
drops its shadow
onto the water
more distinctly

Eucalypt, 15, 2013

Aya Yuhki

Yesterday, I thought
my new poem was brilliant
today, it seems confused—
the morning sun in a haze
over the marsh reeds 

Modern English Tanka, Winter 2006, 1:2

George Swede

A snow cap
on the statue of
the dictator…
it tumbles from an
insurgence of air

American Tanka, 21, 2012

George Swede

black and white
paintings on the pot
the transgender
searches the streak of colors
to fill the gap of the emptiness

Special Features:Chiaroscuro LGBT Tanka, Atlas Poetica, August 2012

Pravat Kumar Padhy

the pub spits out
a final gobful of drunks
halfway home
I hear the moonlight laughing
in a stream of piss

NeverEnding Story,  January 19, 2013

Liam Wilkinson

country town...
sheep and cattle
roam the hills
I wind back
my father's watch

Take Five: Best Contemporary Tanka, Vol. 4

Merle Connolly

holding tight
to a spider’s thread
I drift
from one tanka
to another

Gusts, 14,  fall/winter 2011

Keitha Keyes

my neighbour
tells me to hold
someone close ...
clenching my fist, I let
the sky hold my thoughts

Eucalypt, 13, 2012

Anne Curran

the others
off to midnight Mass
in the dark
Basil Rathbone reads
Masque of the Red Death

Breccia, 2012

Ignatius Fay

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