Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Room of My Own: Dead Man Thinking

for the author of The Pleasure of the Text

After Roland Barthes declared the death of the author, two poems, lined up side by side, look suspiciously over their shoulders at each other.

this cold night                           in spring breeze
shakes me by the collar            the painter captures
I avoid their gaze                      a migrant's smile
when they shout,                      under a banner that reads,
no more immigrants!                diversity is our strength

1 comment:

  1. Roland Barthes's idea about the "death of the author" is related to his conception of the "readerly/writerly" text and to his division of the effects of texts into two: "pleasure" (plaisir) and "bliss" (jouissance, which carries the meaning of "orgasm").

    For more info., see Parts II & III of my "To the Lighthouse," titled "Denis M. Garrison's Dreaming Room and Roland Barthes's Writerly Text,"