Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Butterfly Dream: Love Story Haiku by Robert Kania

English Original

our love story ...
removing another layer
of the onion

Indian Kukai, 9, January 2015

Robert Kania

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

我們的愛情故事 ...

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

我们的爱情故事 ...

Bio Sketch

Robert Kania lives in Warsaw, Poland. He began writing poetry in 2011. His haiku and haiga have appeared in Asahi Haikuist Network, Chrysanthemum, Creatrix, DailyHaiga, Frogpond, The Heron's Nest, A Hundred Gourds, IRIS, Kuzu, The Mainichi, Tinywords, Whirligig and World Haiku Review. He is the prize winner of the 15th HIA Haiku Contest 2013, and currently President of the Polish Haiku Association and the co-editor (with Krzysztof Kokot) of the European Quarterly Kukai. His blog is:

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  1. Thematically and emotionally speaking, there is at least at least two different readings of Robert's well-crafted haiku:

    1 The love story is multilayered/layered with multiple meanings as indicated in Ls 2&3, "another layer/of the onion."

    2 After telling the love story, the listener and/or the narrator feels there is nothing left just like there is no core, no essence, to the onion.