Monday, May 8, 2017

Butterfly Dream: Spring Thaw Haiku by George Swede

English Original

spring thaw
wings beating inside my skull

micro haiku: three to nine syllables, 2014

George Swede

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

George Swede's most recent collections of haiku are Almost Unseen (Decatur, IL: Brooks Books, 2000), Joy In Me Still (Edmonton: Inkling Press, 2010) and micro haiku: three to nine syllables (Inspress, 2014). He is a former editor of Frogpond: Journal of the Haiku Society of America (2008-2012) and a former Honorary Curator of the American Haiku Archives (2008-2009).

1 comment:

  1. Simply put, this poem could be about the changing of seasons and migration patterns, but the internalization expands it into any number of possibilities. It collides the biological clock with the passage of time. Being prone to sinus headaches, especially in the spring, I think of the throbbing behind my eyes and along my upper jaw. It could just as easily be psychological and an attempt to capture all the noise inside one's head as one comes to a realization or personal discovery.

    -- excerpted from "micro haiku: three to nine syllables – George Swede" reviewed by Aubrie Cox, A Hundred Gourds, 3:4 September 2014, which can be accessed at