Monday, November 13, 2017

Butterfly Dream: Battlefield Smoke Haiku by Marilyn Humbert

English Original

crows spiral
in a double helix --
battlefield smoke

Windfall, 4, 2016

Marilyn Humbert

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

以雙螺旋形狀在天空中飛翔 --

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

以双螺旋形状在天空中飞翔 --

Bio Sketch

Marilyn Humbert lives in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney NSW surrounded by bush. Her pastimes include writing free verse poetry, tanka, tanka prose and related genre. She is the leader of Bottlebrush Tanka Group and member of the Huddle and Bowerbird Tanka Groups. Her tanka appears in Australian and international journals.

1 comment:

  1. Evaluated in the thematic context of war, the contrasting movements of (symbolically rich and visually stunning) crows and battlefield smoke make this sociopolitically conscious haiku emotionally effective.