Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Room of My Own: A NeverEnding Story

in dreams
her hand touches
my body...
warm one day
stone cold the next

Every time I sketch a sex scene in a poem, my ex sits on my conscience as if she is tugging at my elbow and yelling, "Stop."


  1. This poem is a good example of demonstrating the art of titling: the title is effectively utilized as a line added to the poem text.

    Structurally speaking, the poem is framed by "A NeverEnding Story .......'Stop;"" and thematically speaking, the title forms a dialectical relationship with the prose, especially with the concluding word.

  2. For more information about titling, see my "To the Lighthouse" posts, "The Title of a Poem Should Never Be Ignored" ( and "The Art of Titling" (