Saturday, June 30, 2018

One Man's Maple Moon: Crowded People Tanka by Aya Yuhki

English Original

I shuffle
along the street at dusk
among crowded people
talking and laughing aloud --
no sign of the sky falling

Ribbons, 12:1, Winter 2016

Aya Yuhki

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

大聲地說笑 --

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

大声地说笑 --

Bio Sketch

Aya Yuhki was born and now lives in Tokyo. She started writing tanka more than thirty years ago and has expanded her interests to include free verse poetry, essay writing, and literary criticism. Aya Yuhki is Editor-in-Chief of The Tanka Journal published by the Japan Poets’ Society. Her works are featured on the homepage of the Japan Pen Club’s Electronic Library.

1 comment:

  1. I delighted in the self-depreciating humor and lyrical description of social anxiety and panic. The subject finds her or himself surrounded by the feared throng only to realize that the sky isn't falling -- that the irrational fear that precluded going out in public hasn't occurred. Anxiety is treated by confronting the feared stimulus and learning that the dreaded expectation didn't come to pass and/or that it could be coped with. In this context, the ability to go outside and survive is nothing less than a world-changing event.

    -- excerpted from "The Tanka Cafe," Ribbons, 12:1, Winter 2016, p.9