Tuesday, January 17, 2023

A Room of My Own: Un/Covering the News

an unlucky man
or a threat to public safety
the reporter asks ...
a Black shot dead hours later
after pacing around a store

frostbite amputations
spike to a 10-year high ...
the anchor's voice
drowned by streams of chatter
and laughter from diners

a nurse's death
headlines for one day 
and life goes on ...
(with more deaths by depression
from overwork)

swarming attack by teens
replaced by news
of a self-harm epidemic ...
new snow on old snow  

AddedNo More Fairy Tales, IX

more than 1000
private jets land at the airport
of this snowy resort
talk after talk of climate
in the Davos summit

AddedNo More Fairy Tales, X

Davos summit
protesters outside scream
no plan B! no planet B!


a teenager
in the bare maple tree ...
a moose
charges back and forth
in the gathering dark

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