Monday, March 20, 2023

A Room of My Own: Brave New Beginnings

Any resemblance to current events or actual locales, or to living persons, is not coincidental. It is meant to be -- the Foxy way of reporting.

with a black jacket
and shoulder-length curly hair
tucked behind her ears ...
the AI anchor announces
Welcome to New China News

the news of Trump
likely to be arrested
to the top of Weibo charts ... 
the anchor pleads,Trump, don't back down

FYI: China unveiled its latest digital news anchor, an artificial intelligence woman called Ren Xiaorong on March 12. And Weibo is a Chinese social media platform designed for microblogging with over 582 million monthly active users.

And Insider, March 18: Trump supporters in China are up in arms and raging about a possible indictment.

Added: written in response to Donald Trump's potential indictment in New York 

his golf cart cruises
around Mar-a-Lago
dark clouds closing in

AddedNo More Fairy Tales, XI
To Joe Biden

blah-blah-blah green transition ...
my son grumbles
with his eyebrows raised
like those of Oscar Wilde

FYI: Politico, March 14: Biden’s green allies promise lawsuit over Alaska oil project

The approval of the Willow oil project is setting the stage for a legal battle that may have the administration and Republicans on one side and environmentalists on the other.

for Basho

a raven  
in the maple limbs ...
deep winter

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