Friday, June 14, 2013

A Room of My Own: "Oh, Bama Thought Police" Sci-Fi Haiku

Changing the World One Haiku at a Time Series

In Memory of the Pre-Deaths of Edward Snowdens

one cry, then silence:
Oh, Bama Thought Police tattoo
Precrime on his genes


  1. "Thought Police" first appeared in 1984, and ""Precrime" in Minority Report.

    For more information about how language can be used politically to deceive and manipulate people, see my essay, "Newspeak: A Vision of the World," which can be accessed at

  2. Listen to Democracy!Now's episode, Glenn Greenwald on How NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Helped Expose a "Massive Surveillance Apparatus," which can be accessed at

    "Speaking from Hong Kong where he broke the story of Edward Snowden outing himself as the NSA whistleblower, Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald joins us to discuss Snowden’s actions and the multiple disclosures he’s revealed about government surveillance. "There is this massive surveillance apparatus being gradually constructed in the United States that already has extremely invasive capabilities to monitor and store the communications and other forms of behavior not just of tens of millions of Americans, but of hundreds of millions, probably billions of people, around the globe," Greenwald says. "It’s one thing to say that we want the U.S. government to have these capabilities. It’s another thing to allow this to be assembled without any public knowledge, without any public debate, and with no real accountability. What ultimately drove [Snowden] forward — and what ultimately is driving our reporting — is the need for a light to be shined on what this incredibly consequential [surveillance] world is all about and the impact it’s having both on our country and our planet."