Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Butterfly Dream: Cricket's Song Haiku by Ji Bo

English Original

cricket's song shatters the Universe

Ji Bo

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

Ji Bo lives near Iron Mountain, Alabama. Watches clouds. Waters the garden. Writes poems. One day Ji Bo plans to travel to Thatch Hut Mountain. For now, green tea is enough.

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  1. Ji Bo's effective use of hyperbole shatters the reader's preconceived notion about cricket song. And this one-line haiku subtly alludes to John Hollander's most famous monostich below:

    A One-Line Poem: The Universe. (Rhyme’s Reason, p.12)

    Note: There are four types of cricket song: The calling song attracts females and repels other males, and is fairly loud. The courting song is used when a female cricket is near, and is a very quiet song. An aggressive song is triggered by chemoreceptors on the antennae that detect the near presence of another male cricket and a copulatory song is produced for a brief period after a successful mating. -- excerpted from the Wikipedia entry, titled Cricket