Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cool Announcement: Language and Silence by Svetlana Marisova, Free on Kindle for the NEXT 4 DAYS!

Language and Silence: selected poems of Svetlana Marisova
Author: Svetlana Marisova

Print List Price:  $14.00
Kindle Price:      $0.00 (free for the next four days)
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Print Length:      236 pages
Publisher:           Karakia Press (February 17, 2014)
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Below is excerpted from Svetlana Marisova's Amazon's webpage :

Language and Silence collects her haiku and organises them in chronological order of composition as her life found its expression within the concision and suggestion that can be achieved in this verse form.

About the Author

Svetlana Marisova (March 17, 1990 - September 7, 2011) was born the only child of a family who knew social and religious persecution in post-Soviet Russia. The family moved to New Zealand in 2004. In her later teens she responded to a perceived call to the cloistered life of contemplative prayer. A diagnosis of terminal brain cancer in late 2009 curtailed the way she was able to live out this vocation. Over the remaining two years of her life she wrapped her past and present in even greater cloistered mystery while she tried to come to terms with her future. Fascinated by language as much as she was by the interior silence of contemplation, she gravitated to the combination of both that she could find in writing haiku. In a similar paradoxical manner she hid herself from the world while she reached out to it through the anonymity of human interaction via the social networking complexities of the internet. In cyber-companionship with Ted van Zutphen she worked out her identity as girl/woman, nun/social butterfly, contemplative/wordsmith as together they wrote and studied haiku via digital communications. Her work has appeared in a number of online and print journals, anthologies and books.

Marisova's Haiku Selected by Robert D. Wilson

is this
the final word?

pouring blood
over the altar . . .
winter lamb

ahh rainbow!
the light passing
through me

spring wave . . .
let me not struggle
as you lift me

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  1. For more information about Svetlana Marisova's haiku, see Robert D. Wilson's "Featured Haiku Poet: Svetlana Marisova," Simply Haiku, Summer 2011:

    Below are Marisova's haiku selected by Robert D. Wilson

    floating downstream -
    the burden of my shadow
    on a mayfly

    swan song ...
    the limb-loosening rush
    of dark feathers

    falling leaf,
    do you forget
    your roots?

    first light ...
    for a moment all colour
    is this

    silent dance ...
    the distance between,
    pulsing in time

    autumn rain -
    the colour of birdsong

    morphine ...
    again my dreams

    pearl diving ...
    haiku and tumours
    from the depths

    in the wind
    what might have been ...
    sleepless moon

    the universe
    suddenly personal ...
    newborn child