Monday, November 16, 2015

One Man's Maple Moon: Adoption Fair Tanka by Mary Davila

English Original

the dandelion
trapped beneath a rock …
a swell of tears
from the child not picked
at the adoption fair

Undertow Tanka Review, 2, 2014

Mary Davila

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

被困住在岩石下 ...

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

被困住在岩石下 ...

Bio Sketch

Mary Davila and her husband, Frank, live in Buffalo, NY.  She relies on her faith for everything, including writing.  Mary began to explore haiku and haiga in 2006.  Her work has been published in numerous online journals and in print.  In 2014, tanka became her main focus.  Her website  is

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  1. Modeled on traditional Japanese tanka, this heartbreaking poem is made up of five poetic phrases (equivalent to five ku of 5-7-5-7-7) and structured into two parts. Mary’s tanka effectively builds, phrase/line (ku) by phrase/line (ku), to an emotionally powerful ending that has the most weight and conveys a sense of disappointment, loss, ..and even abandonment.

    And there is a simile-like relationship subtly established between the dandelion and the child; on a second reading, the rock in L2 carries symbolic significance.