Monday, January 11, 2016

One Man's Maple Moon: Glove Size Tanka by Bruce England

English Original

Dana Delany
didn’t know the glove size
of her boyfriend
so she asked the salesman
to put his hand on her breast

Prune Juice, 6, Summer 2011

Bruce England

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

Bruce England lives and works in Silicon Valley. His haiku writing began in 1984, and his serious tanka writing in 2010. Other related interests include haiku theory and practice. Long ago, a chapbook, Shorelines, was published with a friend, Tony Mariano.

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  1. The thematic and emotional turn the poem takes in the lower verse gives readers a good laugh, saying something significant about Dana Delany's view of sexuality.

    A good poetic rendering of a recent report about Dana Delany:

    "Dana Delany: Sex & Sensibility" by Amy Wallace, accessed at

    "I wouldn’t mind being the female version of George Clooney," she says....

    ... Ah, Delany’s big breasts. She has never shied away from talking about them, about how men view them as assets and so does she. While promoting the racy 1994 S&M comedy Exit to Eden, in which she played a dominatrix, she told Newsweek that the way she found out what size gloves to buy for a beau was to place a male colleague’s hand on her boob (“Definitely a large,” she said). It’s not a braggy thing—spoken in her voice it just sounds factual, even pragmatic....