Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Butterfly Dream: End of the Fast Haiku by Sonam Chhoki

English Original

end of the fast . . .
my cat drinks moonlight
in his bowl

bottle rockets, 31, August 2014

Sonam Chhoki

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

齋戒結束 ...

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

斋戒结束 ...

Bio Sketch

Born and raised in the kingdom of Bhutan. Sonam Chhoki is inspired by her father, Sonam Gyamtsho, the architect of Bhutan's non-monastic modern education. Her Japanese short form poetry has been published in journals and anthologies in several countries. She is the current haibun and haiku editor of the UHTS journal, cattails.

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  1. An effective shift in subject and tone and a successful 'scent link' (in Basho's sense of the phrase) between the moon (A Buddhist symbol of enlightenment) in L2 and the religious ritual in L1 lift the poem out of the ordinary.