Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Butterfly Dream: July 4th Haiku by H. Gene Murtha

English Original

July 4th
the rise and fall
of a cicada's song

Biding Time: Selected Poems 2001-2013, 2013

H. Gene Murtha

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

H. Gene Murtha, a naturalist and poet, sponsored and judged the first haiku contest for the inner city children of Camden, NJ., for the Virgilio Group, of which he was a lifetime member. He was widely published for his work in haikai literature from the USA to Japan.

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  1. There is no human figure or activity (such as fireworks show) in this festive haiku. The unexpected and yet aurally and emotionally powerful L3 brings Nature to the forefront of one of the most sociopolitically significant days.

    This is one of the most de-politicized July 4th haiku I've ever read.