Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cool Announcement: A New Release, Beyond the Fields

My Dear Friends:

I'm happy to share with you this exciting news: NeverEnding Story contributor Sandip Chauhan just edited and published a trilingual haiku anthology, Beyond the Fields (Aesthetics Publications, 2017). It's a first-of-its-kind anthology of haiku divided into two parts:  Part One, "Where Cotton Blooms," features the haiku by Punjabi haiku poets and Part Two, "The Hues of Sunset," is a sampling of some of the best contemporary English language haiku, offered as an introduction to the Punjabi audience.

About the Editor:

Sandip Chauhan holds a PhD in Punjabi Literature from Punjabi University in Patiala, India. She writes mainly in Punjabi and English. Publications include two haiku anthologies: In One Breath - a Haiku moment , 2013 and Kokil Anb Suhavi Bole /ਕੋਕਿਲ ਅੰਬਿ ਸੁਹਾਵੀ ਬੋਲੇ , 2014, where haiku and its aesthetics are introduced in Punjabi for the first time.

Selected Haiku

autumn leaves --
in grandma's tea set
a broken cup

Jaspreet Parhar

autumn moon ...
smoke from the clay pot
clings to my shawl

Roopinder Kaur Sidhu

winter drizzle --
another loose thread
in mom's sweater

Harvinder Dhaliwal

moonbow ...
in a grain of wheat
a farmer's song

Sandip Chauhan

first cold morning
the smell of mothballs
on her jersey

Patricia Prime

specks of dust
in the winter moonlight
a lines of migrants

Chen-ou Liu

another snowstorm
a child braids her doll's hair
over and over

Roberta Berry

fading light ...
pink-footed geese wade
into the sun

Claire Everett

cracked soil ...
a day laborer bent
over his shadow

Sasa Vazic

between beats
on the cardiogram --
patter of rain

Carl Seguiban

nights of stars
all along the precipice
goat bells ring


winter quilt --
threads of conversation
between us

Anne Curran

grandma's funeral --
I stumble over the roots
of an old oak tree

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu


  1. Below are my other two haiku included in the anthology:

    snow on snow …
    the depth of night
    in this attic

    Simply Haiku, 10:3, Spring/Summer 2013

    last leaves
    cling to a maple tree ...
    another temp job

    Whispers, December 2015

  2. Thank you, Chen-ou Liu for writing about this book. Congratulations to the editor and to all haiku authors.