Monday, October 9, 2017

Special Feature: Canadian Thanksgiving Haiku/Tanka

My Dear Friends:

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving Day (occurring on the second Monday in October and six weeks earlier than American Thanksgiving Day)

Share with you a set of selected Thanksgiving haiku/tanka:

thanksgiving --
overflowing with children
of children

Susan Murata

Thanksgiving drive
after the bustle
quiet fields, deep shadows

Harriet S. Bates

a colleague wishes me
Thanksgiving cheer --
but I have
a desk full of dark
anniversaries unspoken

M. Kei

Thanksgiving alone:
ordering eggs and toast
in an undertone

Nick Virgilio

Thanksgiving alone
a turkey pot pie
in the microwave

Chad Robinson

Thanksgiving dinner
my ex sits in the back
of my mind

Chen-ou Liu

thanksgiving leftovers
all the things we
didn’t say

Sondra Byrnes

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