Sunday, April 22, 2018

Butterfly Dream: Lifeline Haiku by Larry Kimmel

English Original

e x t e n d i n g  my lifeline with a scalpel

bottle rockets, 37, 2017

Larry Kimmel

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

用手術刀 延  長 我的生命線

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

用手术刀 延  长 我的生命线

Bio Sketch

Larry Kimmel was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  He lives quietly in the hills of western Massachusetts.  His most recent books are shards and dust and outer edges. The Piercing Blue of Sirius: Selected Poems 1968 - 2008 is free to read online.

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  1. Thematically and emotionally speaking, the use of a concrete form, combined with the visually powerful noun, enhances the tone and mood of this disturbing "haiku noir."

    Note: For more information about haiku noir, see "To the Lighthouse: Haiku Noir," which can be accessed at