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Hot News: 66 Haiku Selected for Butterfly Dream, Volume IV

My Dear Friends:
I'm pleased to announce the following haiku selected for Butterfly Dream: 66 Selected English-Chinese Bilingual Haiku, Volume Four. The anthology is scheduled to be published in early November. Each poet whose haiku is included in the anthology will receive a copy of  its e-book edition.

Please post to all appropriate venues. Your time and help would be greatly appreciated. And look forward to reading your haiku (see 2018 haiku anthology submission guidelines)

Happy Reading!


Selected Haiku

windswept landscape ...
the thud of peat
on his coffin

FourXFour Poetry Journal, 14, Autumn 2015

Marion Clarke

evening rain
the sound of solitude
creeping in

Wild Plum, 2:2, Fall/Winter 2016

Angelo B. Ancheta

spring thaw
shards of sunlight
shatter the pond

Shamrock, 30, February 2015

Rachel Sutcliffe

silence at her end ...
the cord around my finger
coiling uncoiling

Blithe Spirit, 25:4,November 2015

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

cloud watching --
the drift of an eagle
earth watching

paper wasp, 17:2, Autumn 2011

Jan Dobb

Mardi Gras
behind one mask

NeverEnding Story, March 26, 2017

Rebecca Drouilhet

a nightingale
trills in the fog
fractured moonlight

A Hundred Gourds, 4:2, March 2015

Jo Balistreri

boatload of refugees --
the wind playing with a doll
on the shore

Third Prize, 2016 European Haiku Prize

Lavana Kray

spring afternoon
the paperbark sheds
layers of light

Daily Haiga, March 3, 2016

Jane Williams

waiting room
a patch of sunlight
wears out the chairs

Jane Reichhold

a boy’s drum
moves the dragon’s feet
New Year’s Day

The Heron's Nest, 18:1, March 2016

Tom Sacramona

of the way ahead
fly on the window

Modern Haiku, 45:2, Summer 2014

Gregory Longenecker

freezing rain
my umbrella outstretched
over mother’s grave      

Wah, 1:3, Autumn/Winter 2014

Gregory Skala 

to find a river
free from memory
curving into dusk

still 3: two, 1998

ai li

thunder and apple blossoms
her naked presence in the orchard grass

Ink Sweat & Tears, June 5, 2009

Larry Kimmel

the sheen
of her pearl earring
summer moon

The Heron’s Nest, 16:3, September 2014

Susan Constable

autumn dawn --
sheepdogs bark the fog
off the sun

The Heron's Nest, 17:3, September 2015

Marietta Jane McGregor

supper for one
a bare branch taps
at the window

Cattails, April 2014

Bob Lucky

pebbles in the tide
my regrets lose
their rough edges

tinywords, 15:2, September 18, 2015

Joan Prefontaine

road rage
a fly’s frantic buzzing
on the windscreen

FreeXpresSion, August 2016

Martha Magenta

stacked in a pyramid
postcard from home town
Second Place, 2015 Pumpkin Festival

Neal Whitman

the answer is yes no yes breaking waves

Touchstone Individual Poem Award, 2015

Robert Epstein

new year saké ...
the gradual dimming
of your flaws

First Prize, Shiki Monthly Kukai, January 2014

Roberta Beary

the dog star --
feeling the bite
of winter wind

Short Stuff, January 2004

Deborah P Kolodji

a song from home --
another pinch of spice
into the stir fry

Chrysanthemum, 18, October 2015

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde

rain done
orange maple leaves
in breaking light

October Winner,  2009 Snapshot Press Haiku Calendar Contest

Marshall Hryciuk

long summer
the whiskey glass full
of midnights

The Heron's Nest, 16:4, December 2014

Tom Drescher

half moon
netted by black branches ...
his white lie

NeverEnding Story, June 29, 2017

Pat Tompkins

eating around
the avocado pit
I hold the moon

NeverEnding Story, September 8, 2017

Terry Ann Carter

cello moon
son's first Christmas card
from prison

Waco WordFest Anthology, 2016

Jan Benson

cloudless sky
a pelican’s pouch
full of light

Editors' Choices, The Heron’s Nest, 18:2, June 2016

Debbie Strange

rocky ledge
a wolf with the moon
in its mouth

Third Place, 7th International Haiku Competition, 2015

Debbie Strange

this wild life
the touch of rain
on my face

NeverEnding Story, December 29, 2017

Marianne Paul

day of the dead
i find myself grieving
the living

Winner, The Haiku Calendar Competition 2016

Anna Maris

at the edge
of the milky way
a kitten's purr

World Haiku Review, June 2015

Polona Oblak

autumn morning
sequins sparkle
on the girls’ hijabs     

Chrysanthemum, 1, April 2007

Barry George

only so far
onto the beach
tracks of a wheelchair

tinywords, 15:1, March 6 2015

Michael Dylan Welch

starry night
reeds bow
in a loon's wake

Biding Time: Selected Poems 2001-2013, 2013

H. Gene Murtha

petroglyphs  o n l y  t h e  w  i  n  d    

A Hundred Gourds, 4:1 December 2014

Helga Stania

neap tide
the old fisherman harvests
moon crystals

First Place, European Quarterly Kukai, Winter 2014

Cynthia Rowe

a wasp
caught between window and screen --
the paths we take

NeverEnding Story,  June 18, 2017

Adelaide B. Shaw

house clearance
room by room by room
my mother disappears

Blithe Spirit, 26:1, March 2016

Alan Summers

news the war to end all wars rolling

Bones, 5, November 2014

Helen Buckingham

last notes
drifting skyward
night of stars

NeverEnding Story, June 28, 2017

Elizabeth Nicholls

motorbike rider
kick-starts summer

NeverEnding Story,  July 2, 2017

David McMurray

rising with the sun
the scent of sugarcane
steeped in dew

A Hundred Gourds, 2:3, June 2013

Sheila Bello

Yukon hike
water sloshes to the beat
of the bear bell

DailyHaiku, Cycle 18,  Fall 2014/Winter 2015


army of sunflowers
again peace becomes
war somewhere

Third Prize, 2016 Kusamakura Haiku Competition

Dietmar Tauchner

breaking off an icicle
         the taste of metal
                   and my childhood

NeverEnding Story, November 27, 2017

Sylvia Forges-Ryan

fireflies in the field
the on-off
of desire

Modern Haiku, 47:3, Fall 2016

Munira Judith Avinger

pine needle path --
ordinary words
layered just so

Second Place, 2015 HPNC International Haiku Competition

Julie Warther

holding the warmth
of the afternoon sun
dandelion ridge

Second Place, 2011 Jack Stamm Award

Jo McInerney

ultrasound scan
I rearrange
my dreams

Third Place, 2015 Peggy Willis Lyles Haiku Awards

Sonam Chhoki

refugee child --
folding and unfolding
his paper boat

First Prize, 2017 Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Contest

Stella Pierides

graveyard shift
the leftover radish
tumbles in the lunch box

Editors' Choice, The Heron's Nest, 17:3, September 2015

Elmedin Kadric

passing clouds before gale --
we stick to our own

WHA Haiga Contest, April 2014

Goda V. Bendoraitiene

the wind in the curtain
the curtain in the wind        

Second Place, Shiki Kukai, November 2015

Simon Hanson

unfaithful husband
weeding the garden

First Place, 2017 Mainichi Haiku Contest

Pamela A. Babusci

afternoon stillness
at first a shadow
and then the butterfly

Mystic Illuminations, 3, 2016

Ben Moeller-Gaa

crows spiral
in a double helix --
battlefield smoke

Windfall, 4, 2016

Marilyn Humbert

moonlit grass
and black shapes of cattle
a distant flute

The Heron's Nest, 12:4, December, 2010

Angelee Deodhar

without the rush
of words

Modern Haiku, 47:3, Autumn 2016 

Deb Koen

where words fail pines along the cliff's edge

Kokako, 22, 2015

Elliot Nicely

old pond
      oil slick rainbows
          slip in

tinywords, 15:2, 2016

Lorin Ford

my grandfather’s face
we try to read
between the lines

The Heron’s Nest, 18:1, March 2016

Debbi Antebi

coldest night
the hard stare
of her nipples

Chrysanthemum, 22, Fall 2017

LeRoy Gormam

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