Sunday, April 1, 2018

Special Feature: Human, All Too Human

                                                                    I'm tossed woman to woman April Fool's dream

My Dear Readers:

Today is April Fool's Day, an annual celebration in North America and some European countries by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. As a practitioner of Japanese short form poetry, I would like to "make it new" (Ezra Pound's modernist maxim,'Canto LIII') by sharing a set of selected senry (comic haiku) used to expose human folly and to find means of making sense.

Selected Senryu:

morning commute
bumper to bumper
for lattes

Rob Grotke

retirement day --
my plastic I.D.
snaps in half

Ruth Holzer

support group ...
the comfort of the chair
between us

Julie Warther

frescoed chapel ...
I insert a euro   
and then there is light

Scott Mason

sizing me up
the jeweler measures
her ring finger

Tom Painting

wedding day
the time he takes
to knot the tie

Marylyn Appl Walker

phantom pain --
the shape of her
in a stranger

Jayne Mille

passing the cream puffs
the guest of honor full
of herself

Francine Banwarth

philosophy class
I talk myself
into a corner

Tom Painting

                                                                                                       you're fired
                                                                                                       April fools invading
                                                                                                       the white house

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