Saturday, February 8, 2020

Cool Announcement: Haiku, The Poetry of Focus

Dear Friends:

Here is the link to Scott Mason's lecture, Haiku:The Poetry of Focus, that introduces you to the "pleasures and the uniquely life-affirming character of English-language haiku poetry."

Opening Quotes:

Let us not take it for granted that life exists more fully in what is commonly thought big than what is commonly thought small. -- Virginia Woolf

I omit the unusual — the hurricanes and earthquakes — and describe the common. This has the greatest charm and is the true theme of poetry. -- Henry David Thoreau 

(These two opening quotes remind me of the following remark about haiku:

Haiku is still a poetry of small things and of everyday experience that preserves the sparkles of the particular in its universal appeal. -- Walker Haberstroh) 

Selected Haiku:

late afternoon
a rabbit
sniffs the sun

Scott Mason

smoketown dawn
a rogue rooster's
corrugated cry

Kristen Renée Miller

Remembrance Day --
the thin sound of a bugle
wavers in the rain

John Crook

night of stars
all along the precipice
goat bells ring


raging blizzard
The gritted teeth
of jumper cables

Jeff Stillman

the slow turn
of a barber's pole --
afternoon heat

John W. Wisdom

sultry evening
the pizza receipt clings
to a beer bottle

Bob Lucky

midsummer stream
a grackle dips its beak
in shimmer

Robert Gilliland

shanty town --
the jagged edges
of moonlight

Sanjukta Asopa

a curtain billows
before the rain
scent of roses

Ferris Gilli

alone tonight --
the calla lily curves
into shadow

Hortensia Anderson

life alone
the ladle

Owen Bullock

nine-month belly --
she slowly unwraps
the heirloom crèche

D. Claire Gallagher

creak of the swing ...
my feet still reach
the sky

Connie Donleycott 

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