Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cool Announcement: A Freebie at AHApoetry.com

American Haiku in Four Seasons 
1993 by Yilin Press, Nanjing, China
Haiku by Jane Reichhold 
in English and Chinese  

This book is now out of print. Therefore it was decided to scan in the pages as they were to make the book available to others for free on the web.

The poems were selected by Kazuo Sato, President of the Museum of Haiku Literature in Tokyo, Japan. In rereading the over 400 haiku he picked I realized what a good selection he had made. Though he is now deceased, I send thanks to him.

Unable to read Chinese I cannot vouch for the perfection or style of the translations and in a few cases where there errors in the English I was unable to make changes since each page was a scan. There is also some confusion in the numbering in the beginning which I could not correct.

So Dear Reader, this is as the book is in the one last copy I have. I hope the work getting it here will be repaid with your delight in seeing this collection of haiku in English and that Chinese readers will find many new haiku to enjoy.

This new version of the book, American Haiku in Four Seasons, is dedicated to Nu Quang and Chen-ou Liu with thanks for their help and inspiration.

Jane Reichhold
April, 2013

I'm really honored. Many thanks to Jane. I hope everyone will enjoy reading her fine haiku.

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  1. Chinese translations in the book are written in "semi-classical Chinese."

    I'll translate some of Jane's fine haiku into vernacular Chinese and publish them on NeverEnding Story.