Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Room of My Own: A Midsummer Day's Museum Tour

Van Gogh at Work...
I feel like wearing the face
of a sunflower

Rembrandt's Night Watch
a line of Japanese tourists
clicks and turns

Rodin's Le Baiser
this urge to hold
a stranger's hand

the Jesuits
hacked off his penis
Semini Statue

Woestyne's  Last Supper
the security guard eats
three chocolates

homecoming dream:
a white dove flies out of
Wheat Field with Crows


1 Semini  is viewed as an ancient fertility symbol.
2 It is commonly stated that Wheat Field with Crows was van Gogh's last painting.

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  1. Below is excerpted from the Wikipedia entry, Wheatfield with Crows:

    Wheatfield with Crows is a July 1890 painting by Vincent van Gogh. It is commonly stated that this was van Gogh's last painting. However, art historians are uncertain as to which painting was van Gogh's last, as no clear historical records exist. The evidence of his letters suggests that Wheatfield with Crows was completed around 10 July and predates such paintings as Auvers Town Hall on 14 July 1890 and Daubigny's Garden.