Thursday, June 13, 2013

Butterfly Dream: Summer Sunset Haiku by Anna Yin

English Original

slipping through my fingers ...
a school of fish
and summer sunset  

Anna Yin

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

從我的手指間溜走 ...

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

从我的手指间溜走 ...

Bio Sketch

Anna Yin was born in China and emigrated to Canada in 1999. She has won many awards, including the 2005 Ted Plantos Memorial Award and the 2010 MARTY Award. In 2011, her book Wings Toward Sunlight was published by Mosaic Press. Yin’s  poems in English & Chinese as well as ten translations were included in a Canadian Studies textbook used by Humber College. Her Poetry Alive events have been a new approach to helping people explore and appreciate poetry. CBC Radio, China Daily, and CCTV interviewed her several times. Anna Yin was a finalist for Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Awards 2011 and 2012. Her website:

1 comment:

  1. The effective use of alliteration and the unexpected and yet powerful concluding phrase, (especially the concluding word, "sunset, " not "setting sun") make this haiku thematically and emotionally effective.

    Note: In the translations, I use "setting sun" not "sunset." It's because it is more succinct and sounds better.