Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Butterfly Dream: Peace Talk Haiku by Rita Odeh

English Original

peace talk --
the third crow
of a rooster

Haiku News, 1:41,  October 22nd, 2012 

Rita Odeh

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

和談 --

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

和谈 --

Bio Sketch

Rita Odeh is from Nazareth, Israel. She comes from a christian Palestinian  family. She has B.A. in English and Comparative Literature from Haifa University. She has published 6 books of poetry,one book of short stories, three electronic novels, one e-book of Haiku. Her poetry has been published in several international publications. Rita is Co-Editor of International Haiku. Her haiku and haiga artwork are featured in her "Catching The Moment" blog.


  1. L1 sets the theme for the poem while the religiously allusive Ls 2&3 diminish the significance/validity of the thematic concern.

    Note : Below are the opening paragraphs from the Wikipedia entry, titled The Denial of Peter:

    The Denial of Peter (or Peter's Denial) refers to three acts of denial of Jesus by the Apostle Peter as described in all four Gospels of the New Testament.[1]

    All four Canonical Gospels state that during Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples, he predicted that Peter would deny knowledge of him, stating that Peter would disown him before the rooster crowed the next morning. Following the arrest of Jesus Peter denied knowing him thrice, but after the third denial, heard the rooster crow and recalled the prediction as Jesus turned to look at him. Peter then began to cry bitterly.[2] This final incident is known as the Repentance of Peter.[3] Both the denial and repentance incidents have been the subject of major works of art for centuries.

  2. Wow! As a Catholic from Northern Ireland, this had such an impact.

    Thank you for sharing.