Thursday, November 20, 2014

Butterfly Dream: Shimmer Haiku by Beverley George

English Original

from a lifted oar
a shimmer connects the sky
and sunlit river

First Prize, 2009 Genkissu! Spirits Up! World Wide Hekinan Haiku Contest

Beverley George

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

Beverley George is the past editor of Yellow Moon and the founder/editor of Eucalypt: a tanka journal 2006 - . In September 2009 she convened the 4th Haiku Pacific Rim Conference, in Terrigal, Australia. Beverley presented papers on haiku in Australia at the 3rd Haiku Pacific Rim conference in Matsuyama, Japan in 2007, and on Australian tanka at the 6th International Tanka Festival, Tokyo 2009. She was the president of the Australian Haiku Society 2006-2010.

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  1. This visually riveting one-sentence haiku, "from .. [an] oar [lifted by the narrator]/a shimmer connects the sky/and sunlit river," provides readers a glimpse of the narrator's oneness with nature.

    And technically speaking, this is a Ichibutsu Shitate (one-scene/image/theme/object haiku), a "single-object poem, which [focuses] on a single topic and in which the [haiku flows] smoothly from start to finish, without leap or gap found in the "composition poem" (that reads a poem with two juxtaposed images/topics...; "Traces of Dreams," p. 111)