Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hot News: NeverEnding Story's Second Birthday

                                                                                                     first sunrise ...
                                                                                                     my midlife drained of all
                                                                                                     but hunger
                                                                                                     for these magic words
                                                                                                     NeverEnding Story
My Dear Friends:

NeverEnding Story was launched on the first day of 2013. Today is its second birthday.


Pageviews yesterday: 488
Pageviews last month:11,977
Pageviews last year: 98,560
Average pageviews per day: 270
The most read post: Hot News: 66 Haiku Selected for 2013 Butterfly Dream Anthology (posted on March 7, 2014; pageviews:  1327)

Many thanks for your ongoing support of my project. And look for forward to reading your work (be sure to read the submission guidelines for haiku/tanka)

May 2015 be great for both you and your writing.


Note:  Butterfly Dream: 66 Selected English-Chinese Bilingual Haiku, Volume One 2014 and One Man's Maple Moon: 66 Selected English-Chinese Bilingual Tanka, Volume One 2014 are available online for your reading pleasure. And Butterfly Dream, Volume Two and One Man's Maple Moon, Volume Two will be published in July.

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