Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Butterfly Dream: Kingfisher Haiku by Caroline Skanne

English Original

a kingfisher skims the surface of this moment

brass bell, January 2015

Caroline Skanne

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

Caroline Skanne, Rochester, UK is obsessed with anything wild and free. She is the founder of hedgerow: a journal of small poems. Her book ‘a hundred poems by caroline skanne’ is available from amazon.

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  1. Combined with the quick pace of a one-liner, Caroline's "ichibutsu shitate"("single-object/topic" poem)flows smoothly from start to finish, without the leap or gap found in a bipartite haiku. And the unexpected yet powerful closing phrase, "this moment," reveals the (psychological) impact of a skimming bird and lifts the poem up a notch.

    Note: for more info. about Ichibutsu Shitate, see my "To the Lighthouse" post, "Ichibutsu Shitate (One-Image/Object/Topic Haiku)," which can be accessed at http://neverendingstoryhaikutanka.blogspot.ca/2015/01/to-lighthouse-ichibutsu-shitate-one.html