Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Room of My Own: Promised Land Tanka

home sweet home
in the promised land:
this attic room
ten-square with a fifth
corner of the sky

Note: The tanka above is a sequel poem to the following tanka:

alone again
with my drunken shadow ...
singing like a skylark
in the small cage
of this promised land

NeverEnding Story, September 30, 2016 

1 comment:

  1. Here are some of my published tanka about "Promised Land:"

    our eyes meet
    through the fast food window …
    does this vagrant
    see in me an immigrant
    homeless in the promised land?

    Chrysanthemum, 19, April 2016

    a wedge of geese
    held by Lake Ontario ...
    living alone
    in this promised land, I wonder
    if I ever left home

    hedgerow, 64, Feb 12 2016

    Father once said,
    the foreign moon seems rounder
    than the one at home ...
    alone in this promised land
    I bite into a mooncake

    "True Home,' Atlas Poetic Special Feature, 2016

    (Note: Mooncake is the most popular and important food eaten during the Chinese Moon Festival, a harvest festival also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival)