Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Room of My Own: Christmas Eve Haiku

Christmas Eve
my old dog and I
in the tv light

Note: The haiku above is a sequel to the following poem, which was first published in Frogpond, 36:2, Summer 2013

Christmas Eve
my dog and I run
out of topics


  1. The following is my Christmas haibun, a sociopolitical reflection on Christianity from a perspective of the colonized:

    I Remember

    those days when we were like sheep herded into church by missionaries and told to keep our heads down, backs straight, and hands folded.

    "Our Father in heaven, …Give us this day our daily bread… deliver us from evil."

    Christmas Eve --
    I turn my back on Jesus
    to face the moon

    Multiverses,1, June 2012

  2. The following is my Christmas haiku written from an immigrant's perspective

    "Silent Night"
    drifting in from the neighbors --
    I relearn Chinese

    Second Place in The North Carolina Poetry Society Lyman Haiku Award (2011); reprinted in Pinesong

    Comment by Judge Roberta Beary:

    This haiku contrasts two images: hazy holiday relaxation and the study of a difficult language. Perhaps relearning Chinese is a resolution for the New Year or perhaps not. A good haiku leaves something to the reader's imagination. Reading aloud the poem reveals the subtle link between its first two words and its last. The mixture of auditory and visual images makes this a prize-winning haiku.