Sunday, April 2, 2017

Butterfly Dream: Cotton Candies Haiku by Lavana Kray

English Original

black clouds rumble --
our cotton candies stick
to one another

Third Prize, Wild Plum Haiku contest 2016

Lavana Kray

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

黑雲隆隆聲 --

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

黑云隆隆声 --

Bio Sketch

Lavana Kray is from Iasi – Romania. She is passionate about writing and photography. Nature and the events of her life provide ideas and inspiration for writing. She has won several awards, including WHA Master Haiga Artist 2015. Her work  has been published in many print and online journals, including Haiku Canada Review, The Mainichi, Ginyu, Daily HaigaFrogpond, Haiga Online, Ribbons, Eucalypt, Acorn, and Ardea. She was chosen for Haiku Euro Top 100, 2015. This is her blog:

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  1. As my Third Place Choice, a haiku with striking color contrast via black clouds and pink cotton candies (at least that’s the color I perceive), although nowadays I believe cotton candy can be just about any color. Having said this, another reason for choosing this one is because of its 3 “l” sounds in line one, carried over to its double “c” sounds in line two, which lets it roll off the tongue nicely. I also can easily visualize the cotton candies sticking to one another, and looking like puffy clouds.

    —excerpted from Judge's commentary by an’ya, principal editor of UHTS cattails, which can be accessed at