Sunday, April 30, 2017

Butterfly Dream: Pinch of Spice Haiku by Samantha Sirimanne Hyde

English Original

a song from home --
another pinch of spice
into the stir fry

Chrysanthemum, 18, October 2015

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

來自家鄉的一首歌 --

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

来自家乡的一首歌 --

Bio Sketch

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde was born in Sri Lanka and now lives in Australia. She enjoys dabbling in short fiction, free verse, haiku, tanka and other Japanese poetry forms.

1 comment:

  1. In this multi-sensual haiku, a nostalgic feeling is effectively conveyed through the thematically significant and emotionally resonant juxtaposition of "song from home" and "pinch of spice" (symbolizing the smell of home), and the use of "another" enhances the emotional significance of the poem.