Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Special Feature: Halloween Haiku

Halloween dusk
the army of the dead
...and a barking dog

Chen-ou Liu

Selected Haiku

 All Souls’ Eve --
tipping the spirit level
this way & that

Sandra Simpson

Halloween --
I dress as the self
I left somewhere

Fay Aoyagi

Halloween twilight
again this year my son waits
alone by the door

Roberta Beary

Halloween party --
after a few drinks
the masks come off

David Grayson

All Souls Day
so many masks
left behind

David McKe

this Halloween,
children born since

John Stevenson

Updated, November 1

Breaking News

white house leaks
in the Halloween dusk

When the streets fall under a blanket of darkness, the army of the walking dead begins their march. On a street corner, a pitbull bares its teeth, growling. A high-pitched scream penetrates the night...

PoemHunter, November 2017

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