Saturday, July 21, 2018

Butterfly Dream: White Horse Haiku by Angelee Deodhar

English Original

another dream --
riding a white horse
into the mist

hedgerow, 123, Spring 2018

Angelee Deodhar

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

另一個夢 --

Chinese Translation (Simplified)

另一个梦 --

Bio Sketch

Angelee Deodhar of Chandigarh (India) was an eye surgeon by profession as well as a haiku poet, translator, and artist. Her haiku/haiga had been published internationally .She didn't maintain her own website.To promote haiku in India, she had translated six books of haiku from English to Hindi.

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  1. A moment of mystery is keenly captured in Angelee's haiku equipped with a symbolically rich and visually evocative juxtaposition of "dream" and "riding a horse into the mist."

    This atmospheric haiku reminds me of the following haiku, which I think could be paired as a rensaku:

    moving into the sun
    the pony takes with him
    some mountain shadow

    American Haiku in Four Seasons, 1993

    Jane Reichhold

    Note: For more information about rensaku, see my "To the Lighthouse" post, "Rensaku, Sequential Composition," which can be accessed at