Sunday, March 22, 2020

A Room of My Own: Ten Full Pages Tanka

Eleventh Entry (Bergamo,  Lombardy, Italy), Coronavirus Poetry Diary

the cathedral
silhouetted against gray sky
an old man
reads through ten full pages
of obituaries

Added:  Twelfth Entry (Siena, Central Italy):

floods empty alleys ...
one Italian
singing to another
on Juliet balconies

Note:  The following poem is the tenth entry (Oshawa, ON, Canada):

nursing home silhouette
I air high-five my old friend
at the window

PoemHunter, March 21 2020 

Added: Thirteenth Entry

shades of gray
seen from my attic window
shelter in place

PoemHunter, March 25 2020


  1. A man in Italy filmed himself flipping through the obituary pages of his local newspaper as a tragic reminder of the human cost of COVID-19.," see this heart-wrenching YouTube video,

    1. Reply to the twelfth entry:

      See this heartwarming YouTube video,"quarantined Italians sing from balconies to lift spirits,"