Monday, November 9, 2020

A Room of My Own: Trumping Trump

Any resemblance to current events or actual locales, or to living persons, is not coincidental. It is meant to be -- God's way of remaining anonymous.

piss-stained Four More Years
the plus-sized We Just Did hat
on my Champ's head

FYI: Joe Biden has a dog of the same name, Champ (short for Champion). And "the Internet thinks Joe Biden's hat is masterfully trolling Donald Trump," Mehera Bonner, Cosmopolitan, November 9

Added: Nothing Less Real Than RealityIV

the evangelist 
bursts into his manic laughter
at Biden's win
until his flock join in ...
this darkness fused in light

FYI: "Trump-Supporting Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Has The Weirdest Meltdown Over Biden Victory," Ed Mazza, HuffPost, November 9

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  1. The haibun, "Trumping Trump," could be read as a sequel to my new poem sequence, "Nothing Less Real Than Reality," II below:

    the President yells
    they're finding Biden votes
    all over the place --
    my Champ cocks his leg
    under the Four More Years sign

    NeverEnding Story, November 5 2020