Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Poetic Musings: Hunter's Silence Haiku by Winona Baker

moss-hung trees
a deer moves into
the hunter's silence

Moss-Hung Trees, 1992

Winona Baker 

Commentary: L1, "moss-hung" trees, depicts and accentuates the stillness of a forest scene while L3 shows that the hunter holds his breath, waiting for the right moment to shoot. Only the deer in L2 takes a few steps forward. This image of "killing silence" brings up the questions about hunter and hunted/predator and prey, stillness and movement, life and death, for the reader to ponder.

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  1. Here is my poetic counter/response to Baker's "hunter's silence haiku:"

    noonday heat a boar charging into the hunter's stillness

    NeverEnding Story, March 10, 2017