Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A Room of My Own: Inauguration Eve Haiku

we heard it, we saw it, and we failed it.

the Capitol 
slightly higher than the fence
Inauguration Eve

Added: On or around January 2021, American character changed -- paraphrasing Virginia Woolf

Inauguration Eve
the Lincoln Memorial Pool
edged with 400 lights

FYI: See my "To the Lighthouse" post, Joshi (Prefatory Note) as a Poetic Device. And this haiku is a sequel to my haiku sequence, Inciter-In-Chief, published on the day of Donald Trump's second impeachment:


We will never give up, we will never concede. You'll never take back our country with weakness! You have to show strength! -- "twice-impeached president," Donald Trump

From inflammatory words come violent actions -- on the steps of the Reichstag and now in the Capitol. -- Germany’s Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas

morning chill
a river of floating
MAGA hats

noonday sun
Do the right thing, a twist
to the President's mouth

a smiling white man
waves the Confederate flag
Capitol hallway 

her bloody handprint
on Nothing Can Stop Us
gathering dusk

FBI most wanted 
a silhouette in the window
of the Oval Office

Trump Impeachment
the border wall higher 
than the setting sun

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