Friday, January 1, 2021

Special Feature: Selected Poems for "New" Year

My Dear Readers/Fellow Poets:

Today is the first day of 2021. Share with you the following poems to ring out the old and ring in the new: Life is change, but growth is optional.

the column of sparks 
from the fountain rises 
on New Year's eve 
how do I start this time 
with an end

Angelo B. Ancheta

last day of the year
poems I could have written ...
a bulbul follows
drifting leaves
to the stone cairn

Sonam Chhoki

a fresh leaf 
white in the winter 
of a new year; 
it seems a shame 
to mar it with words 

M. Kei

in five-seven-five
I compact confusing thoughts ...
New Year's morning dew

Damir Janjalija

first sunrise
of the year
the unexpected journey
of a child
from her womb

Ernesto P. Santiago 

new year saké ...
the gradual dimming
of your flaws

Roberta Beary 

To conclude today's New Year post, the following two poems, one tanka and one haiku sequence, reveal my view of this coming year:  "celebrants" and "survivors" usher in a new year:

on Brexit Day
snow with brief sleet ... (note: Today's weather in London)
a masked old man
holding freedom
in his bony hand

The End of the Beginning

to Trump Party faithfuls, including Trump himself and the Trumps in the wall-to-wall mirrors of his presidential suite in the Trump Tower.

dying of the year
his face shadowed by the brim
of a MAGA hat

new year's clean-up
a pile of Four More Years
dumped on the curbside

2024 run 
in a world of falling snow
the sound of wind

Added: Day 2 of Brexit, a sequel to "Brexit Day" tanka:

a Brexiteer
beneath slate-grey skies (note: Today's weather in London)
his drunken shadow 

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