Monday, April 5, 2021

Cool Announcement: A Freebie, Unfinished Conversations by Anne Curran

My Dear Readers:

NeverEnding Story contributor, Anne Curran, published a collection of tanka, Unfinished Conversations, (Title IX Press, 2021). You can read her tanka free online.

Author Bio: 

Anne Curran lives in Hamilton. She has been writing Japanese short verse forms for about ten years. She is grateful for the inspiration provided by editors, fellow poets and friends. Like a good wine she hopes only to improve her writing with age.
Selected Tanka:
my neighbor 
tells me to hold 
someone close ...
clenching my fist, I let 
the sky hold my thoughts 

my heart 
a kite string 
between continents. . . 
but first and last 
the tug of home 

no books 
on his shelves ...
but tales he tells 
of his sea-faring days 
riffle sky blue pages 

father's gold watch 
sits unused 
in a top drawer ...
time ceases to matter 
in the dementia ward 

her laughter 
quicker than mine today ...
a playful breeze 
on our faces 
as she pushes her walker 

with the curtains drawn 
my mind dark ...
then, the warble 
of a tui couple 

at night 
ice creaks on the river 
in a rising west wind ...
things I could have said 
things I could have done 

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