Saturday, May 15, 2021

Cool Announcement: A Freebie, Arithmetic by George Swede

My Dear Friends:

The award-winning e-book, Arithmetic, written by NeverEnding Story contributor, George Swede, is now available to read free online.

Author Bio: George Swede's most recent collections of haiku are Almost Unseen Joy In Me Still , and micro haiku: three to nine syllables. He is a former editor of Frogpond (2008-2012) and a former Honorary Curator of the American Haiku Archives (2008-2009).

Selected Tanka:
on the glass table
wiped clean last night
a new film of dust
the daily reminder
of what’s to come

three best friends dead
before they reached sixty
an ankle vein
pulses faster than my
watch’s second hand

barber shop mirror
more wrinkle and sag
than i thought
my hair invisible
on the white apron

a worm peers
from the freshly-turned earth
then wriggles back down --
i too have no answers
to the big questions

in a note to myself
i list the deck’s split board
the rake’s missing tine
the gate’s broken latch ...
and then there’s me

outdoor café
a man as old as i
with a smile
that reveals a truce
with sadness

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