Sunday, July 18, 2021

Special Feature: TSA's Pandemic Special

My Dear Readers:

To celebrate National Poetry Month, April 2021, Susan Burch solicited and compiled tanka about the Covid19 pandemic to display them on the Tanka Society of America's Facebook page. On July 6, Christine L. Villa put together a video featuring these pandemic tanka and posted it on YouTube, titled Pandemic Special for your reading/viewing pleasure.

Selected Tanka:

we shuttle back and forth
to doctor to store to doctor to home
not sure 
whether weaving or unweaving
our lives

Peggy Hale Bilbro

these tiny screens
on the Zoom meeting window
will someone hear
the echoes of loneliness
in my quarantined world

Chen-ou Liu

a lockdown jigsaw
piece by piece
they mend the cracks
between them
Michelle Brock

days spent in quarantine
I kayak alone on the bay
rocked by the tides
I can almost feel the moon
pulling the ocean close

Sara Ellison

cottage garden:
on an old bike's handlebar
a basket of pansies . . .
this pandemic year
I grow more rooted
Susan Weaver

eyes smiling
above our masks, 
we air-hug
in the produce aisle --
the sweetness of bruised fruit

Jenny Ward Angyal

Happy Reading

Stay safe and well


AddedTwo Hundred and Thirty-Fifth Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary

a billionaire
blasting off into space ...
a masked old man
turns off the TV and walks
to the soup kitchen line

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  1. Jeff Bezos thanks Amazon employees and customers for paying for his jaunt to space: 'You guys paid for all of this'

    -- Business Insider, July 20, accessed at