Tuesday, January 18, 2022

A Room of My Own: Omicron Surge Haiku

Three Hundred and Third Entry, Coronavirus Poetry Diary
homeless shelter

AddedThree Hundred and Fourth Entry

learning Greek letters ...
another variant emerges 
as rain turns to ice

FYI: Associated Press, Jan. 15: Expect more worrisome variants after omicron, scientists say

Every infection provides a chance for the virus to mutate, and omicron has an edge over its predecessors: It spreads way faster despite emerging on a planet with a stronger patchwork of immunity from vaccines and prior illness.

That means more people in whom the virus can further evolve. Experts don’t know what the next variants will look like or how they might shape the pandemic, but they say there’s no guarantee the sequels of omicron will cause milder illness or that existing vaccines will work against them.

They urge wider vaccination now, while today's shots still work.

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