Sunday, January 23, 2022

Butterfly Dream: Winter Landscape Haiku by Marian Olson

English Original

winter landscape
one more raven flaps out
of her paintbrush 

The Heron's Nest, 4:3, 2002

Marian Olson

Chinese Translation (Traditional)


Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

Marian Olson, non-fiction writer and widely published international poet, was the author of nine books of poetry, including the award winning haiku in Songs of the Chicken YardDesert HoursConsider This, and Moondance. Published in 2017, The Other and Kaleidoscope were her first books of tanka.

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  1. "... Creativity itself is a theme explored across a range of haiku within Nest Feathers, including this further treatment of the bleakest of seasons, symbolised by forebodings of death seen as traditionally inherent in ravens, with this very darkness ironically proving to be inspiring, resulting in the miracle of flight up from the page, not solely with a visual image, as painted, but a literary one too...:

    --excerpted from "Nest Feathers – Selected Haiku from the First 15 Years of The Heron’s Nest reviewed by Rodney Williams," A Hundred Gourds, 5:3, June 2016, accessed at