Saturday, January 1, 2022

Hot News: A New Milestone, 1.328 M Pageviews and Call for Submissions

My Dear Friends:

Launched on the first day of 2013, NeverEnding Story crossed the 1.328 million view mark early this morning (FYI: The last milestone, 1.11 Million Pageviews, was reached on January 3, 2021).

I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of this poetry journey. And look forward to reading your haiku and tanka. 

See anthology submission guidelines for haiku and tanka. The accepted haiku and tanka will be translated into Chinese and posted on NeverEnding Story and Twitter.  And You are welcome to follow me on Twitter at @ericcoliu (4 following, 4144 followers).

first sunrise ...
my midlife drained of all
but hungry
for these magic words
NeverEnding Story 😇

on the windowsill
two canaries singing
to each other
I tweet and retweet
NeverEnding Story  😋

We read to know we're "not alone."

-- The character of C.S. Lewis in William Nicholson's play, "Shadowlands" 

The proper response to a poem is "another poem."

-- Phyllis Webb 

And it's approatite to conclude today's "Hot News" post with my new year haiku:

my old dog and me ...
a roof icicle
dripping first sunlight

Happy New Year, 2022! May your happiness be large and your bills be small.

Stay safe and well


Added: A senryu set is written on New Year's Sunday:

The Making of "Make It New"

Mala beads
carved into skull shapes
dream of the last night

the glow 
of a good-luck crystal 
first sunrise


  1. A Happy New Year, Chen-ou Liu!
    I love your new year haiku.
    Best wishes, Marta Chocilowska

    1. Dear Marta:

      Thanks for your kind wishes.

      Happy New Year, 2022! May your "happiness be large" and your "bills be small."